Saturday, March 15, 2008

memory in school and college. Now im working..

When im in school and college, all my friend love me because im open minded, love to make jokes and laughing. Friends in school and college are the best.. Im still remeber them.. Hanging out with them and flirting with boy friend.. Hahaha.. No wonder im still remember that memory.. Schools friends, i dont know where they are, what they doing now and else.. Miss u all.. College friend, even im happy with you all, but u are not seems to be faithfull.. But im not judging them.. After all the things we'll do, im happy and i wanted to follow enywhere u go.. Round round and chit chatting until midnight.. I want that time comes again.. Im bored with my life now... Totally bored.. I love laughing, but you are not there to make a joke.. But my life must go on.. I cant keep remember last memory... Must look foward.. Now im working, everything change.. I feel like so lonely even i have someone special, maybe its too early to catch what i want.. I must give more effort to get what i want. When working, i learn how to enjoy and work at the same time.. Im happy but not so happy.. Thank god i found new friends even they are dont know much about me.. I know it take time, but i will keep on waiting.. Friends!!! u are my life..

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  1. people change my friend!! so chill out dont think it so hard! i'm lonely too but try to make yourself busy like go shopping(oh yes gurls like this so much!), cooking, surfing the net, gossiping with your mother what else?? games like congkak, teng teng or scrabble or the best thing is play with ur pet like cat and most important make them laugh coz when they laugh or happy automatically u are happy too.. so be cool my friend!!cheers!!


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