Sunday, March 16, 2008

money.. money.. money..

Money, money, money.. why people desperate about money..?? I'm also desperate about money... Why?? Why?? Because.. Money is the important thing for the perfect life.. but no life without money.. isn't it?? Can you imagine without money to get knowledge from school and college?? Owh god!! It still okey when you still have a parents, but when they are gone forever.. How's your life?? Will you borrow a lot of money from your uncle, boyfriend or girlfriend and 'ah long'?? I have my own loan... But its not enough to finish my study... Hmm.. I feel the pain when i need to survive for my study and work so hard.. So tired.. As a teenagers, all the happy moment that i should have are gone.. I keep on thinking how to manage my study, work, money and life.. I learn everything in my life.. Be patient and do what i believe i can do in my life.. but... money is not enough even I'm keep trying harder.. Another thinks, let say you want to buy a book for your study or guider for become a perfect Muslim.. U still need an extra money rite.. Seriously I'm thinking about money from day a day.. Hopefully 'Allah' will guide me to the right line.. Amin..

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