Saturday, July 19, 2008

First love and first met…

It was my first meets with my love.. I knew him from my friends on December 2006, it start with long distance friendship. He’s study in Penang and I’m in Kuala Lumpur. Only SMS and phone called we made to release our missed and loved.
Why I can fall in loved with him?
The way he patient waiting for me even at the first sight I didn’t want any serious relationship. I keep on refused and refused and refused, but he till wanted to be with me. Every single word he said makes me comfortable and makes me realize he was the one for me. But as a woman with full of responsibility, I refused to have him. After 7 month we know each other, he wants me to be his special one, more than friend, more than others. He knows much about me and I know all things about him. Hmmm.. Actually no mans want to stands behind and give full support for me. From all my family backgrounds, problem, situation I have been had and my past, who want to make me as a special ones? I’m such another problem for them. Back to my love story, after I accepted him, my life is fully changed. I shared all things with him, and he is good listener. Seriously love him, but as a woman, I’m not easy showed my love. Hehehehe… From this serious relationship, I found new job, better job actually. Even though it helps from my friends but I still thinks that when im with him, so much thing happens and it’s good. Thank god I found him. He also said that im also make all thing change and happens in his life. He got what he want, such as good result in exam, good relationship with family. Because I want him to think positives, every single thing people said just ignore. When it good take it as a guide to be success, but if not good, just throw it into trash. Now he is doing his degree in well known University in KL. So, easy for us to met every day. Hahahaha.. No, because both of us think about future. Concentrate to your study dear. Good luck for him and I wish him very good luck and hopefully he will get what he wants to archive in his life. I love you baby.
On 18 July 2008, I met him. I met my first love and It was my first dating with him. First thing I was thinking, is he will like me? Yes it is.!! I love him. Even at first met we were a bit shy, but I don’t want my first met borings, I start a topics. We laughing and chatting. I want this first met become history in my life. We watching movie and ate at mamak store. Hehehehe.. A bit funny but I like. First met was successful and I’m going to missed him. I’m glad to have him because both of us Muslim so he didn’t touch me at all. That was the man I’m looking for. Now I found him. Thank god. Alhamdulillah..

Dear baby besar,
I love the way you are, hopefully you appreciate what you have today until the end of time. Thank you for being with me. Remember our promised? I’m still remember.. I love you. Take care and study smart for archived what you want. It’s for your future and our future too.

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