Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Memory “Nasi Kerabu”

He wants to have a dinner n i don’t know where to eat. He came to my house, I decide him to go to my nearest ‘pasar malam’ but before that day I was asking for help from my sister and mother to have a dinner too at my house. I don’t want my neighbors make rumors. So both of us plan to have “nasi kerabu”. Quite interest right? Heheeehehehe..
I pick him at LRT, and took him to the night market, on the way to night market. He said something that make me smile all the time. I keep it as a secret. He knows how to make my heart melted. I love you sayang… My sister already orders keropok lekor and he pays the total. So charming his attitude, its okay sayang, next time i pay for you. We take time to have a look all things that sell at night market, and I didn’t know that my mom was watching us. Heheheeh.. She didn’t tell us but I know when I called her and ask whether she want any food for dinner. She keep say “I taknak lah sayang”, “xnak ape2 sayang”.. Hehehehe.. My mom is so funny and open minded. I love her. After finished buy all things that we need, we go home and my sister waiting and wanted to see her future brother in law. Hehehe… “Brother in law??” .. “If this relationship is accepted by god, he will be your brother in law my sis”, said my mind. My mom always smile when he come to my house. My sister and her husband and her baby also smile. We have dinner and before dinner he done daily prayer for maghrib, such a nice guy. Is he can be my husband?? Hope so.,.. After finished dinner, my sister wanted to go back, she want to take more cloth and my mom decide to drive car and sent my love to his hostel also. Same way and less time, than we drop by at my sis house, actually her move to new house last month and wanted me to see her new house. So we just go and take a look. Quite nice.. Then we all sent him to hostel.
Miss him…

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