Thursday, August 14, 2008

Your promises…

My dear..
Every day you will tell me all the feelings inside your heart, soul n mind. Is it true or just to make my heart melted and trusted you..?

Every day Im keep missing you..
Keep thinking about you, even im working, study and do anything, you are the one in my mind + my mom + god and my problem. Hehehe.. But you still the king in my heart.

Still remember your promise?
I hope you remember..
Everyday I keep remembering your promises..
You promise that you will never leave me..
You promise me that you will accept I’m just the way I am
You promise me that you will accept my family too, so do i..
You promise me that I’m the one for you and you wont find another girl.. I keep that promise until now.
You promise me that you loved me and only me..
You promise you will marry me.
You promise to take care of me, since you know my family background and I don’t have anybody to release my tension, love, care and happy too.

Still remember when we have a silly conflict?
Hehehe.. when I remember that time, I think im such so childish.. Didn’t think twice and let you left from my heart..
Im keep saying im not ready for this relationship…
Actually, im scared if I cannot taking care for my self.. I don’t want our love end without happy ending.. Such as married with joy and happiness.. Hrmm..
Our families accept our relationship without any doubt. I don’t want we do silly mistake such as having sex before “nikah”.. Make love or anything that both off us known “haram”.

You know why I'm kept asking for break off?
Because I trust my feeling.. I can feels that we will be like others couple... Which is clash for no reason.. I don’t want we make love or do any sins. I will fill such a stupid person who down for lust..

Thank god we didn’t do such thing.. Thank you for taking care my self. I love you.. Even though 5 years is too long.. I will waiting for you.. Please be patient and I hope we can collect more knowledge about study, worked and money for marry me too.

Here is my promise to you…
I will waiting for you until the end of time and I hope we can fixed problem together. Last but not least, I will always support you to get and archive what you want. As you said to me that you remember my promise. So, I mean it sayang!!!


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