Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Freshkon MOSAIC

Im trying new contact lenses from FRESHKON.. I'm knew about it from they official website.. Thank god today i got my salary early.. Hahaha.. So, im buying two box FRESHKON MOSAIC contact lenses color Urban Grey and Luscious Green.. One box for RM 75.00 and if buy two box, u got free gift one FRESHKON cosmetic pouch with brushes.. Hehehe.. Isn't it awesome!!!

.there was FRESHKON MOSAIC contest inside EH! magazine.

.contest form.

.buy two box, got free gift cosmetic pouch and include brushes.

.im wearing LUSCIOUS GREEN! Awesome.

So, hurry up.. Its brand new and like a deep fried banana!! Hahaha.. Love you all, sharing is caring..



  1. 2 boxes harga brape? i pon nk beli green color jugak!!

  2. honeyy : 2 boxes for RM 150.. No discount, because its totally brand new.. Hehehe.. Got 4 colors only..

    1) Velvet Blue.
    2) Urban Grey
    3) Luscious Green
    4) Charming Brown

    They also will tell you which one is suitable for your skin color and give a comment which lenses color is suitable with u. Awesome!!


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