Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gigolo Wannabe The Movie at

Today im gonna finish watching japan movie at "".. Comedy movies.. Hehehe.. Join me to watch this movie..

Here is little synopsis i get from

Waters is about seven young men who are desperate for quick money arrive at a desolate seaside bar, called Dog Days, to audition as "hosts". This is the highly popular occupation of entertaining female patrons with smooth talk and a soothing smile while offering them drinks at "host clubs". Although their previous jobs varied from street performer to ex-banker, they are all happy to get this dream job so easily, until they discover that the 'manager' has run off with their deposits! Upon seeing them so discouraged, the sympathetic bar owner offers his place for them to open up a host club by themselves. With the help of his granddaughter, Chika(who has a heart disorder),and despite the combination of their initial confusion, personal problems and a typhoon that almost blew the place down, they gradually find the true meaning of friendship, trust and love.

This movies is suggested by rabiatul adawiyah.. Its good for release your tension.. Hhehehe..

Comment from me.. This movie are seriously sucks!! I taught it was awesome.. But.. Argg... Tak bestnye...

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