Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Best Friend Wedding..

Ini adalah picture wedding kawan aku.. Really cute kan.. Lain dari yg lain.. Nama dia Tiffany Sue Patrick and with her hubby Wirad.. Happy married ever after yeah!!

Kami berkawan dari zaman kolej, tahun 2005.. First sem dah jumpa die agak pemalu.. Aku pun pemalu.. But malu2 nakal je.. Hehehe.. And then she's missing, no she extend her studies.. hehe.. 2006 i met her again.. Same class, have same interest and we like to shared anything and everything.. Including problem.. Dia tak "lokek" untuk bantu aku dari segi kewangan,.. Even though aku tak sedar aku dah berhutang dengan die.. Thanks tiff... Kami menyertai Cosmopoint Musical Dance Club.. Dia menjadi penari dan aku sebagai penjaga PA System.. Hhehee.. Very cheerful she is.. Dancing is a major thing and expertise i see in her.. Sometimes we had a BBQ night with Ezal, Tini, Najib, Mern, Sally, Nizam and else that im not mention.. We go out and chill at hartamas.. Watching football and else.. Laughing until we cried and hampir separuh nyawa ketawa.. Everything on night life was happening and im really missed that single thing that we have been through together.. She good in study.. When she prepared for final exam, we do study group.. Me and her only.. Hehehe.. she the one teach me.. but.... im too lazy.. Im sleeping while she teach me.. Hehehe. Time goes on.. I was working and shes studying.. so, we rarely met up... She change and im also change,.. I have more responsibility with my family even though im not married yet.. hehe.. and i dont know where she is.. Until i saw her at Wangsa Maju, Putra LRT trains.. Actually im a little bit "rabun".. So i cant see her.. Sampai la dia lambai tangan.. On that time, i felt i want to grab her and pelok dia.. But door already closed...

Last month she text me.. I though somebody else, because im lost her number.. Thank god she sms me.. But with happy news.. She will married.. On 2 Aug 09 she will married at Kedah, Malaysia and wedding ceremony on 08 Aug 09 will be held at Maju Junction, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.. Hrmm.. I cant go.. Im really sorry.. because i will crying when i see her.. Tiff, i bought a present for you.. Hopefully we can met up somewhere.. I will text u time and date.. Really miss u.. Dont be notty and please left your unhealthy friends.. Love you..

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