Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bye Bye..

Worst day in my life a story about little girl that depend on somebody.. But... her feeling has been crack by someone she love and care.. Thus, she decide to leave him and start her new life..

Today and past 2 years im always with him, being together is much memorable.. Who knows, with a one single action that he makes... It’s already make me thinking, is he belong to me?? No body knows... Only god know.. He knows much about me, my family, my life, my credibility, my financial status and he knows everything about me...

Each every single thing we been through together.. He make me thinking about life and be strong to survive..

Im also know about him, about his family, his ambitions, his dreams, his studies and all about his life.. Hrmm.. But i didn’t expect more than that, if he want to tell me, i will listen, if he wont, im not push him to tell me.. Every body have their privacy and secret in life.. But im so stupid.. I trust him more than others..

Tomorrow and forever, his not belongs to me anymore.. I already let him go.. Do what he want.. I wont force him to take me back from works neither ask him came to pick me up from my house.. Im so sorry if u felt so tired when you being with me.. I just wanted you to felt that working is not a solution when you dint have enough money while studying.. Even you working on shift.. Look at me, im not finished my diploma... Im working and studying.. How tired i am, its the same situation that you feel when you rushing to pick me up.. You have seen what am i doing..

Im so sorry because too take care about you.. I know you help me about my financial and make me happy.. But... I want you to know that you make me more unhappy than happy.. You can lost your temper, you can get mad even in front others, you can speeding your motorcycle even im who the want scared sitting at the back..

I have cooking for you, my mom also cooking and pack all the dishes for you.. You are alone in KL... I just want you to have a good day and study well in KL.. Without any problem.. But, friends is more important than me.. Yeah.. Im always disturbed you.. Im so sorry,...

How many times i let every single thing gone and forgive you.. I think, this is the better solution.. We make our own way.. Please leave me alone and i will pay all the debits.. Im so sorry, i cant understand you anymore.. I dont want to cry anymore, im tired of crying.. Everybody around make me crying, I will keep my heart to stop crying.. Im not a cry baby..

You have more friends and "adik angkat".. I’m sure they like you more than i am.. Im not regretted to let you go..

Have a nice day...

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