Thursday, November 12, 2009

2012 "Is it really good movie??" Sigh.

Hallo everybody out there.. Just now im watching 2012 movies at GSC Berjaya Time Square.. Its really awesome but i dont really like the end of this movie... Why still got somebody to live?? End of this world should be no body, even the earth.. Hrmm.. Maybe the producer dont want people get scared with "death".. Whatever.. But seriously im a bit sad with the plot of this movies.. Its remember me about my family and others human being.. So, happy watch movie everybody!! Enjoy.. Dont judge before you watch it okay.. Its only my opinion and though...

Here some of our picture today.. Hehehe.. Owh.. Before i forgot, i want to let you know that when u buy large pop corn combo (large pop corn + 2 f&n drinks.. U got 2012 tote bag and umbrella.. While stock last.. You can choose whether to have  both umbrella or both 2012 tote bag.. I have already take an umbrella and one 2012 tote bags.. Hehehe.. Thanks GSC!!

.grab while stock last!!.

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