Thursday, November 12, 2009

Alluring my eye by Freshkon!

Cant you see the different?? Im using contact lenses... Hehehe.. Hi there, i want to show you what the different when u wear Freshkon Alluring Eye.. There is two color, mystical black and winsome brown.. Both of contact lenses i'm already used and definitely its awesome! Both of them i like, but i'm very sure with Freshkon Alluring Eye - Winsome Brown! it is suitable with me..  

.different rite?.

Grab this product rite now!! At Sungei Wang very cheap!!

1 box for RM 50, If buy 3 box for RM 150 and free 1 box ma!! Hehehe.. Share with ur friend if you want to try.. Not wasting ur money.. Cheers!!



  1. long,blhlar angah pjmkan??alongkn pemurah & baik hti.. :)


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