Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dont get wrong with 2012 movies!!

Hi there.. Lately im heard more about 2012 movies.. Who's excited to watch 2012 but buying pirates DVD will get into the same situation.. Its not 2012 that release on 12 Nov 2009.. 12 Nov 2009 is 2012 : You Were Warned not 2012 : Doomsday...  Hahaha.. DVD can buy anytime but before that, watch it first at your nearest cinema, so you wont get the wrong DVD movies!! Differentiate it!!

.2012 : You were warned.

.2012 : Doomsday.

Hehehe.. You got punk babe!! Hehehe..

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  1. Yes 2010 is great action movie and it is full with action and adventures.The concept is great in the story is the end of world.i am looking for the Watch Action Movies Online specially the movie like 2012


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