Friday, November 13, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

Aaaaa!!!! AAAAAaaa!!! Oh my god!!! Hi there, i think im the person who is too excited to watch this movies.. Im asking my friends... They don't like Twilight Saga movies.. So, whatever to them... Hehe.. Last year i'm watching Twilight and fall in love with this movies.. With the actor mostly.. Robbert Pattinson.. Hehe.. He is so charming with the eye, so so so daring.. Hehehe.. After watch that movies.. Im surfing over the internet and wanted to know who is the producer, script writer.. And... I found the book!!! The author was Stepheni Meyer..

Im keep searching and searching where to buy that book.. I want all set of Twilight Saga book, from Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Down.. Unfortunately in Malaysia not sells yet.. Thinking to buy on Ebay but too expensive.. With the currency and shipping.. Owhh.. I can't effort it..Hrmm.. Im waiting and keep waiting until in the middle of last year i think.. I found that book at Borders Bookstore at Berjaya Time Square.. Hahahaha.. So good!! Im excited on that time.. and you know something???.. bookstore assistant ask me, "are you okay??".. "Off course im okay, and totally healthy.. Just too excited".. Hehehe.. Hrmmm.. But on that time i still not buying it.. because.. its middle of the month.. No money!! Hrmmm.. Limited edition box!! Argghh!! Its okay, maybe not for me at this moment.. Tried to calm down my self.. Hukhukhuk...

You want to know when i buy Twilight Saga books??? End of month! Hehehe.. After got salary, i buy that book at MPH Bookstore at Wangsa Maju.. Hehehe.. Full sets.. But not hard cover.. Finish already.. Hrmm.. About RM 200 i spent to buy all Twilight Saga books... I love it!!

.my twilight saga collection! awesome.

I would like to summaries every book that i already read..

Twilight - Beginning of everything.. From friendship into love..
New Moon - Love and care to people that they love..
Eclipse - Sacrifice, revenge and dare to take a risk
Breaking Down - They married!! Got Renesmee.. Bella become a vampire..

Last September i go to MPH Bookstore at Wangsa Maju and found Twilight Journal.. What did you think?? Am i buy it?? Answer me.. 1, 2, 3.... Hahaha.. Im buying it.. Only at RM 89.90... Awesome!! With the box and journal.. That box so beautiful.. I keep my "girl" accessories inside there.. Hehehe...

.my twilight journal collection.

Even though i know the story, synopsis, plot of the story and the ending.. I still want to watch this movies!!! Never get bored reading and watching Twilight Saga movies!!

.im gonna catch new moon.

.My boyfriend Saiful Naim look a like Edward Cullen.. Awesome!!.

.cant wait for this book : Midnight Sun, Edward's Story by Stephenie Meyer. 
(this is not Midnight Sun book cover, it just illustrated by somebody)
-don't get me wrong.. hehe..

This is my howling at the New Moon and the Twilight Saga.. Cant wait!!

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