Sunday, November 1, 2009

Nak duit lebih?? Lawati

Hai semua.. Baru2 ni aku baru perasan ada new website yang nak bg kita duit seperti nuffnang.. Tapi style dier lain skit.. So korang masih lagi "gliterrati" kat nuffnang... Dunt worry..

Korang just klick kat sini jer...

Bila korang dah join, dapat RM 1 dah tau.. hehe.. bestnyer..
Why Expand Your Network?

* You will be paid for every successful referral to Catcheye.
* You will earn bonus reward points when members in your network view our ads (after the official launch).
* You will raise fund for charity by introducing more people to view our ads.

The more you expand your network, the more you will get rewarded! Subsequently, the reward points you earn on Catcheye can be exchanged for cash, gifts or other prizes.

Mari sama2 join

Bila dah sign up, korang akan terima ini.. Hehehe..

More Is Coming.

We have officially launched Fight for A Good Cause! and Answer, Invite & Win! on 25th October 2009. Coming up next is the Big Surprise!

What Big Surprise?

The Big Surprise will mark the final phase launch of our new advertising platform, in conjunction with Fight for A Good Cause! On the fateful day of 21st November 2009,
  • will host Fight for A Good Cause in the aid of three charity beneficiaries.
  • Our ad delivery platform will be online and accessible to all members.
  • You will be able to claim your rewards in cash (subjected to the Cash Redemption Policy).
  • More information, features and functions will be incorporated to

Our Warmest Thank You!

We wish to express our utmost appreciation for your support and efforts in promoting our ideas. Within a month after went online, our network had grown from zero to 6,000 members! We know that it would not have been possible without YOU taking part in it.
Please understand that our planning & development team are pulling together our best efforts to work on this remarkable venture. Over the next few weeks, we will be constantly updating in order to prepare it for The Big Surprise.
Thank You :)

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