Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Premier Screening of Storm Warrior

Ni hao ma!! Hehehe.. Just now im watching Premier Screening of Storm Warrior at GSC Mid Valley.. We went to Mid Valley on 5 pm, and arrived about 6 pm.. Too hungry, so we decide to had a dishes at Food Court.. 2 sets of Sizzling Yee Mee and 1 cup of Lychee and Soya Bean.. Arghh.. Im totally full..

.stomach full faces.. haha..

Then we walk to GSC cinema... No body yet.. We snap a picture and waiting for celebrity..

.posing in front of GSC.

.snap picture in front of MC Donald.

Had time to take picture on red carpet.. Hahahaha.. Awesome!!

.im on red carpet.. haha.

.naim on red carpet also.

About 6.30 pm... "My FM and EON Bank" prepared for celebrity red carpet.. While waiting for celebrity, we take that time to take picture with two replica swords from Storm Warrior movies.. Hehehe...

.Cloud and Wind.

After take picture, im moving around and see all people.. Suddenly... Wohoho..!! Too crowded and i cannot stand anymore.. Celebrity already coming!!

.both of them had a good communication while doing this.. Love u guys!.


From 6.30 pm, im waiting for red carpet and their celebrity.. Too many people and i think im the only muslim malay woman standing in the middle of crowed and waiting for chinnesse superstar.. Time goes on, on 7.59 pm im looking for Mr Yee Hou from Nuffnang, to collect my ticket.. Call him and he aready at the cinema lobby.. Thanks to him.... Hrmmm.. Then, i saw cinema hall is now seating.. So, lets go watch movie.. Hehehe.. But, im waiting for Carmen Soo, but until 8.30 pm i didn't see her..

.buyed pop corn and there is two ticket.

.snap.. snap.

When i enter to cinema hall, i saw 1 can Coca Cola and 1 box of pop corn for each seats.. They already standby.. Argh!! Why they didn't tell me.. Im full with sizzling yee mee and pop corn today.. but.. im lovin it.. Thanks anyway.. Hehehe..

.pop corn and coca cola.

.eat and eat and eat.. hehe.

Movie reveiw : Storm Warrior,

Awesome animation and im lovin it.. Please.. Please.. watch this movie.. You gonna love it.. At starts of this movie, they already show excellent animation and fight!! With the graphic, animation, painting effect... Its totally awesome.! But at the end i think its no end yet.. Maybe there is Storm Warrior III.. Because, i dont know whether cloud already died or not.. So, happy watching!! Mmmuaahhx!! xoxo..

Thank you so much Nuffnang!!


  1. waahhh...dah tgk storm worrior?best ker?naper semua org dpt benda yang sama...popcorn dgn coke..

  2. sebab memang diberi la awak.. ada eon bank, my fm.. semua yang menang contest dpt VVIP invitation.. hehe... cerita ni best awak.. effect die the bomb.. hehe.. pegi la tngok.. best..



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