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Astro B.yond Bloggers Night

Astro B.yond Blogger Night was held at Modesto's Rain, Desa Sri Hartamas on 13 January 2009. A bit late updating my blog. Hahaha..

I've been there with Zaid and Alice. Arrive about 7pm and here we are at Astro B.yond Blogger Night! Awesome!

.wrote my new year resolution was "i want the 32” LG High Definition TV".

 .Its a blogger night!!.

.we are not seat yet, busy taking picture.. haha.

On 8 pm i think, the High Definition Experience was start and im totally speechless with the picture and the high definition premiere of the Astro B.yond TV commercial from Astro B.yond! Awesome!! If you guys has been there, im very sure you all surprise with that... The commercial is one of the longest in Malaysian television commercial history at approximately 2.30 minute. It is really a premier screening! because i didnt found that commercial video on youtube neither on Astro website.. On Astro website, the tv commercial already has been cut.. Hrmmm.. Why i didn't reocrd it.. Haiya.. I like that tv commercial because its really awesome with the woman ride a motorcycle like the matrix view..

.the MC's.

With some information given and the screen preview from Astro B.yond, i cant wait to subscribe! The most im waiting for is the World Cup in HD!! Astro making my life richer!!

You all know??

High-Definition is the latest in a long line of major improvements in television technology, which has moved from black-and-white analogue to widescreen colour digital over the last 50 years. With High-Definition, viewers will enjoy approximately five times the detail of standard definition television broadcast.

And now, Astro B.yond, Malaysia's first High-Definition broadcast, brings you a complete sensory experience – sharper pictures, more vibrant colours, cinematic surround sound, and a wider screen. Combined, it gives you crystal clear details and a viewing experience like never before.

The commercial will be broadcast in HD and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound on the current five HD channel on Astro.


So, when it called a blogger night. Yeah!! It is a blogger night! I met my blogger friend!! Haha...

.i found Sam!! from .

You wanna know how i know Sam?? Its start from Nuffnang actually. I remember when Nuffnang open the contest for Premier Screening of Twilight New Moon. He submit he's own ready made blog post about twilight! Its really make me laughing with the special appearance and wanna be his friend. Never guess he so kind and got style!! I like the way he talk.. Seems like Jacob Black in Malaysia.. Hahaha.. Nice to meet you Sam!

. Tengku Aizat, me and Roslan Nazri.

Then i met two more blogger friend, Roslan Nazri from and Tengku Aizat from They so friendly and on that day, they shared with me how they get more money from nuffnang and more tips on blogging.. They tell me, what people want from our blog and post entry. Used catchy title and easy to find on search engine. Most of reader love to know more about news and latest issue.. So, thanks you guys!

.alice, me, zaid, zaila and sam.

.khafifi from, tengku aizat, roslan nazri, mohd zadi and me.

Rest for a while from taking picture, let's go to foody corner.. I love food.. Hahaha.. That's why im getting bigger and bigger.. ("!)

.a lot of food!.

.alice and me while queue up before having dinner.. hehe.

.so delicious. its from zaid plate.

While having our delicious dinner, Astro serve all the blogger with an awesome present from them.. Have a look below picture.. The Asian Percussion group...

.they really love they job, they always smile.

I catch some top blogger and they must take picture with me!!!! Hehehe.. Thank you so much! Even you all getting more popular, you all still kind and sporting.. :D

.with Audrey from she's so cute and friendly. I like her eyes!.

.with Red Mummy from

.Huai Bin from

Last but not least.. With the Nuffnang Co-founder!!

.finally i found him!!!  me with Mr Timothy Tiah.. Very sporting and he's always smile.
.Read his journal on . Really cute journal with Audrey.

.Project Alpha season 2 presented
 I cant wait for season 2!!

Astro also take the opportunity to unveil the Facebook game, Murder in the Details. We already play the game!! Hehe.. Make a group of five people, work as a teamwork to find the clue and the killer also!

  .the crime scene.

And finally, we got the winner!

.Eric from has won the HD TV.
.What a lucky day for him. Got HD TV.. Argghh!! I want too..

After done taking picture, done play games, done eating, done experience the Astro B.yond, time to go back.. huhu..

.ba bye people!!.


.the exact place blogger night were held.

.in front of RAIN.

Lets go back, really tired! Thank you Astro and Nuffnang! I cant forget this moment and all the experience you gave me. I never join any event such like this. With Nuffnang everything possible and Astro you make my life richer!! Thanks!!

Arrive at home and i cant wait to open the Goodies bags!  See what is inside?? Hehe.. I got Astro organizer  diary and tumbler!!

Thank you to



Astro B.yond



  1. hehehehe nice post.

    But dun lah put lucky guy only.. hehe put ler my name there hehehe...

    n link me mar as the winner.. hehe

  2. Hehehe.. already put ur url.. thanks for the feedback..


  3. Jacquelyn Ho : Yes I do know Sam! Funny he is..


  4. weeee wooooo..nice post here.good luck..huhu.


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