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DiGi Internet Pimp My Day Final Challenge - Individual blog freshly made by me

Hi everybody!! Huahuahua.. Its a crazy day did you know? We, The Gagalicious team rock the DiGi Internet Pimp My Day.. This is my personal update okeh.. Hehe.. More picture than story, because i dah ketandusan idea.. Hahaha..

Lets start from the first steps.. candid photo.. hehe.. private photo actually.. Dont get angry.. Just for fun.. :D

Half way before we arrive at One Utama, they sleeping like a baby and didn't notice that I've already take they picture...

.alice in her wonderland.. zzzz.

.naim in his wonder world. haha.

Both of us was not fall asleep, me and zaid.. see our fresh face.. ahahaha.

.zaid the driver. hehe.

.me the photo candid-er. hehe.

Arrive at Mardi Gras @ One Utama, full fill the registration form and got the modem!!

.The Gagalicious Team powered by DiGi Internet Broadband.

.Take picture before game begins! :D.

.Alice seat at the front and she's listen to the instruction. im very sure she's listening. haha.. :D. 

.before start the treasure hunt, follow the instruction and understand it. this game totally using facebook tagging.. awesome! :D.

.still have time to take picture with Jojo Struys.. haha. Other team already go to collect all the stamp chop!!

.hehe.. again!.

Okay lets move, we choose to collect stamp chop at Swatch Outlet.. We need to do 30 second commercial video and upload into facebook. Akibat ketandusan idea, we all go to next station.. DiGi Center. So, DiGi Center will be our first station lorh.. Hahaha..

.zaid are the man who create DiGi Music song playlist. we all support him from behind.. teamwork ma.. hehe.. Done creating the playlist, got the stamp chop!

We walking to Swatch again and record the commercial video. In this video we must combined DiGi and Swatch.. Hehehe.. A bit shy.. haha.. Done records, we got the stamp chop.

.uploading video on facebook!.

While upload the commercial video, we are rushing to  next station. It was QuickSilver! We become a model. Hahaha..

Wanna be on top?? Malaysia's next top model. Superb Fabulous! Hehe.. We got the stamp chop!! Yeehaa..

We had a problem. Our laptop running out batteries. At first we used Naim laptop, than his laptop need to recharge. So, we used second laptop. Zaid laptop, thank god he bring his laptop. Hehe..

While Naim charge his laptop, we continue uploading Swatch commercial video.

Sharp 5 pm we got to go to Mardi Gras again, this task need us to dance on the Poles Dance Floor. Hahaha.. How can i dance with the Poles steel bar?? So shame and i wonder if im slims.. For sure its easy.. Done dancing, got the stamp chop!! But need to upload the video.. Huhuhu..

.Dont look at me.. ("!).

.While walking to Rainforest, we try to upload the video and its successful upload on facebook. haha.. thank god!

Rainforest task need us to do some traditional games, "SUMPIT" hehe.. menyumpit jer.. hehe.. Look at zaid, he done very well!! hehe..

.Alice shoot very well!.

.Hehehe.. sumpit.. sumpit..

.its my time, not very good.. but i just sumpit green color board.. haha.. ("!)

Done sumpit and got the stamp chop, walking to the next station.. Beside Sumpit Station got another station lorh.. hehe.
Crosswords task need us to watch a video and find the clues! And we found it.. Zaid found it trough his hand phone... Alice found the word from the banner.. Naim also said like that.. Me discuss and confirm the word! "Broadband Done Right!" Hehehe..

The Video

.its me, submitting the answer forms! hehe..Correct answer got the stamp chop!! Yeehaa.. Next station was the Batting Cage at Upper Roof.

Lets go to Upper Roof! We take lift and arrive at wrong upper roof!! Hahaha.. If want to go to Battling Cage Upper Roof we need to go to fifth floor and walking to Parkson and take lift near Parkson. Wohoho.. Its far and Celebrity Fitness was near by.. Then we decide to go to Celebrity Fitness..

At Celebrity Fitness, next task we must walking or jogging or running on the track machine for 800 meters!! Hahaha.. Cause of really exhausted and dizzy after running, we forgot to take a picture.. Wawawawa..  ("!)
Naim is the first runner, Alice was the second runner, Zaid was the third runner and me was the last runner.. Hahaha.. Done the track challenge, we got the stamp chop and walking as fast as possible to Battling Cage Upper Roof!

When we arrive at Upper Roof, Battling Cage game was cancel without any notice before.. But we just accept it, because the weather was not very good and they didn't want any emergency happens.. Im guess actually.. Hehehe.. So, lets go to Mardi Gras.. We are finish all the task!

.Walking to Mardi Gras.

.Hurry up!.

. Arrive at Mardi Gras, we are team number two.. Hahaha..
Have a seat and lets makan-makan.!! Alice and Naim hungry!! They take foods for me and Zaid. Both of us busy writing a blog! Hahaha..

Jom makan-makan.

.so delicious.. i wish i have it again. yurmm!!

 How come we write a blog while the music is too loud and noisy.. Hantam saja la.. :D

Done blogging, me and Zaid eat the delicious dishes! Awesome!! Love the spaghetti!


 .its a candid! OMG!. at the back, u can see Asfan ARC! hahaha.. i got you!

.Naim didn't finish his food yet??.. Heheehe.. Where is alice? she's online facebook with DiGi broadband! hehe..

Mardi Gras had a big surprise. A pole dance! Hehehe.. All man doesn't close their eye even for one time.. Isk. Isk.. Isk.. ("!)

 .awesome! how they get fit and can do like that??

Pole Dance Video taken by Zaid..


.KL Stompers. ("!).

.Video taken by Zaid also.

We didnt won any prizes but we glad to participate for this event! Everybody got Limited Edition Prepaid Internet! Thank you DiGi.!

 .DiGi Limited Edition Prepaid Internet model!. Hehehe.. ("!)

Jojo Struys so sporting and supportive! Gagalicious team love you Jojo.. Thanks a lot!!

.me with Jojo Struys! Love you!.

 .Zaid with Jojo Struys!.

.Alice with Jojo Struys.

We going back with happy faces and didn't stop talking about this awesome event! Thank you Nuffnang and DiGi!! For those who saw me and say hi.. Thank you! Im a bit shy to say hi to you first.. Dont worry, i know you.. Hehehe.. Maybe next time we will meet up..

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P/S: Picha taken by Zaid DSLR and my hand phone camera.. :D



  1. azizan, memang best... saya ni dah sakit tekak disebabkan banyak menjerit n ketawa.. hehe..

  2. gosok gosok mata i tengok pole dance tu. huhu

  3. Sharinginfoz : yeah... best.. enjoy sesangat!!

  4. mya : hehe.. pole dance tu buat kita semua segar.. huahuahua...



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