Thursday, January 21, 2010

Get fit.. Can or Not? I need sponsorship..

Time goes by and i still didn't realize that im getting bigger and bigger.. People.. I try to reduce my weight, but it become more and more.. I dont know how it happens.. Im not eat much as you all know.. Im very sure you all think fat people love to eat.. But seriously i eat once a day only.. After finish my school, my weight increase more and more.. Too many clothes i cannot wear now.. I already check with doctor, he said im healthy and im also dont have any family member that over weight nor obesity.. How it happens? Am i stress? I also dont know, because im laghing every day and working and blogging.. Too many activity i have done.. I want get fit! I admire with Jojo Struys body.. So beautiful.. At least im fit and my weight about 55kg. now i am 80kg! OMG! im also not comfortable with my body like this...My friend said my breast same size with my tummy.. Im laughing but dying inside.. Waaa...

Im also already take some well known diet juice, pills and tea.. But, i don't know why it doesn't work on me..

Anyone want to sponsor  me on Celebrity Fitness, True Fitness, California Fitness, True Fitness or Any Personal Trainer willing to sponsor me?? Please email me okayh.. Im very discipline.. All the session that i have done with you, will be capture and update on my blog.. Promotion ma.. All the journal will be write on my new website.. :D

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  1. 80Kg ok what..don't be too vogue...and be ..errm...

    anyway..don't eat rice (carbs) but more fish...and veggies... no maggie too... and don't drive/ride..walk to anywhere..sure kurus one...

    Dr R Azrin

  2. rasanya true fitness ada buat promotion...baru2 ni dorg ada call sy bg free 7 hari tp tgh banyak call kat office mase tu, aku x dapat nak layan sgt..cuba ruby g survey kat pavilion , ada kat situ...

  3. atie punmau kurus jugak...tapi x pernah serius...hummm cuz my body senang nek n trun...

    Khaizarien Blog @ atie

  4. go swimming dear.. I swim and play badminton whenever I have the chance.. It works for me. Tapi makan of course harus dikawal tahap hyper.. huhu..

  5. azrin : hrmm.. okayh.. but im still confuse.. exercise after having breakfast can or not? or before breakfast exercise?? Mostly i heard, kita kena biarkan makanan hadam at least 2 hour..


  6. purplewishess : alice, tulah.. tapi mesti mereka tarik ruby untuk masuk join member.. ruby takde kad kredit.. sure susah nanti.. nak kena bayar cash.. hrmm..

  7. atie : kita kena maintain.. nanti penyakit senang singgah.. :(

  8. MY : saya sedang extreme diet sekarang ni.. saya nekad.. waa..

  9. baik ko puasa je berani betting, kalau ko puasa 2 bulan tak tinggal. pastu ko just makan cukup2 untuk sahur n berbuka. gerenti lah ko kurus....

  10. aku pun start diet....bulan depan baru extreme...

  11. aku pun nak sponsor camtu..suh zaid sponsor la..hehehe...


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