Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Go Kevin.. Go Kevin..

Since i was The Biggest Loser big fan.. When it comes to Asia, im so excited.. The TBL reality tv shows come to Asia.. 16 contestant and the most contestant i like is Kevin Yue.. with the heaviest weight 215 kg, he make me want to support him.. 

Talk about Kevin Yue, even he is big size.. I realize he is the most archieve contestant among others.. Because he doing well on TBLA.. Seriously he make me want to lose weight also.. He can do it, why i cant.?. Every week he lose weight.. See below chart.. Screen short from

Good Luck Kevin Yue!

The Biggest Loser Asia host by Sarimah Ibrahim.. Super duper hot host and she's so beautiful..

Sarimah Ibrahim

May Kevin You be the winner, he so cute and attractive..



  1. suke kevin gak.. cool je orangnyer...

    pastu, die tak suke sgt nak cite keburukan orang lain...

    go kevin! go kevin!

  2. ...tgk dia comel kan...siapelah yg masih ada di biggest loser...sbb dah lama tak tgk sejak duk sini...=(

  3. sape yg still on the biggest loser eh...da lame xusha nie..sgt ketinggalan..


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