Thursday, January 28, 2010

Latest update for the biggest loser Asia!

Frequently ask question. Peserta mana yang masih tinggal? Apa cerita terkini.. Korang nak tau x? Actually i pun tak menonton The Biggest Loser Asia kat Hallmark Channel, TV takda but astro ada.. wakaka.... Kerja banyak dan rumah saya pula takda tv.. hehe.. I just follow on twitter what people say and read from The Biggest Loser Asia Official Website.. hhehehe.. At least my Kevin and Christine still in TBLA!! Yeah..

For now, 9 contestant are still in TBLA.. Chayuk!! Chayuk for them!

 The Biggest Loser Asia Contestant

9 Contestant left now, it was tony, david, aaron, hafiz, martha from BLUE team and carlo, kevin, christine from RED team.. Yeahh.. Go Kevin and Christine!! Both of them are so cute and good attitude.. I dont like Martha.. Sigh!



  1. aiyoh!!! nadida da terkeluar??

    adess.... tp, okla as long as kevin still ade..

  2. salam...minat tgk rncngn ni ek..hehe2...


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