Friday, January 15, 2010

My Valentine’s Day

Hoppefully nobody will jealous with me.. I will celebrate this valentine with Ashton Kutcher!! My valentine day should be perfect with a beautiful candle light dinner, breakfast and awesome present. I hope nobody will tell him, because this is so surprise and really secret okay! Please keep this secret for me.. hehe..

.Ashton Kutcher.

So, i wanna share with you and hope you can give some opinion for my big day.. Lets start with 12 am candle light dinner at my house.. Im gonna prepare some dishes. Beef steak or just a pasta? so what you guys think? Hrmm.. I think i take both menu.. Hehehe..

.our candle light dinner table.

.Malaysian beef steak.. eat with rice okay.. hehe.

.yurmm.. pasta.. pasta.

.Watermelon lychee will be our drinks.

So, what am i gonna wear on the special night?? hrmmm.. I want something sexy and cute but "muslimah style". Hopefully he will like it.. So, i will wear long sleeve maxi color cream as below.. Hehe.. Nice hah!! hehe..


So, after dinner, we talk until fall asleep at the couches .. When i open my eye, breakfast are ready and we had a breakfast together... isn't it complete and romantic..

 .Our breakfast table.

I will give him a big surprise present while we having a breakfast together.. Limited Edition Rolex watches!! Hope he will like it..

.Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Special Edition Yellow Gold.

suddenly... somebody throw a water on my face and said "wake up from day dreaming!! Wake up rabiatul adawiyah!!"..  Hahaha..

This lovely story made by me because of Nuffnang contest for Premier Screening of Valentine's Day.

oopss.. i didn't celebrate Valentine's okay, it just a contest that i love to participate.. Even im not celebrate, i still can live the moment of love.. and all the above picture was taken from google search engine.. just borrow from them.. hehe..



  1. wahh. goodluck ea. kalau i masuk this contest nak buat dgn yang berlakon jadi mark sloan dlm grey's anatomy. tua tapi hot. :)

  2. HAHAHAHA i pun dream mcm bagus sgt HAHAHA

    i pilih jacob black :P

    btw kalau kita terpilih, i nak jmpaaa u lagi :D

  3. Aidi-Safuan : terima kasih.. wish me luck.. :D

  4. nn : buat jer... janji dapt ticket.. cepat submit.. nanti leh jumpa... :D

  5. Si budak Aboi : berangan membawa tuah.. hwahwahwa.. ("!)

  6. Liyanaa : ala.. jacob black ok gak.. nama dia lain la.. nama twilight lak awak panggil dia.. hehe... saya perempuan.. nanti nuffnang ingat kita lesbian... wakakaka... :P


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